Reddy’s Aptitude Intelligence Search Exam

Reddy’s Institute of Excellence has always prioritized Students and their Educational well-being. We at Reddy’s Institute always have Student’s best interests at heart and strongly believe that their progress is our progress. Reddy’s Prominent Promise assures the intake of only 20 Students in a Batch at Reddys Institute. We apparently are one of the only Institute taking 20 Students in a Batch. We have strived to Deliver the Best Quality of Education and will continue to do so in the Future as well.

We don’t conduct Entrance  RAISE for Scholarship or Discount purpose as it’s practiced by many others. We don’t Aim at Testing the Child’s IQ or Intelligence via this Test, we simply wish to understand the child’s interest and inclination towards Maths and Science. The Team at Reddy’s Institute of Excellence believes that the child’s ‘I Can’ is more important than his/her ‘IQ’. A Student must be given the liberty to choose what he/she likes. In order to make real academic progress Students should be willing to join and not be forced. Hence admission into Reddy’s Institute of Excellence is subject to RAISE Entrance Test and a Personal Interview (If Required). It is conducted to plainly understand whether Reddys Institute will truly be able to help the Child. The Personal Interview will allow us to assess the Child’s thoroughness, General Knowledge and Interest. A Personal Interview will also help us explore Emotional, Visual and Creative Quotient of the Child along with his/her Intelligence Quotient. RAISE Entrance is not just another Entrance Test or barrier that the child must cross rather it is a joint effort of Reddy’s and its students to be outstanding and sparkle together. Admissions at Reddys Institute of Excellence is totally at the discretion of the Management of Reddys.

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